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August 2021 - September 2021


In 2021, JP Collective was commissioned to revamp the website for Kutcher, Tygier & Luminais, LLP, a law firm based in New Orleans. The project aimed to create a modern, digital presence for the company's existing site at Between August and September 2021, Jack, the project lead, designed, developed, and deployed a new WordPress site for the company.

Client Background

Kutcher, Tygier & Luminais, LLP is a law firm based in New Orleans, specializing in various legal areas. The firm sought to enhance its digital presence by creating a modern, user-friendly website that reflects their expertise and professionalism.


The primary objective of the project was to design and develop a new, modern website that would provide a seamless user experience, showcase the firm's legal expertise, and improve the overall digital presence of Kutcher, Tygier & Luminais, LLP.

Design and Development Process

JP Collective began by conducting thorough research on the company's brand identity and target audience. Based on these insights, a new color palette was developed, focusing on a clean, modern aesthetic with a combination of white, shades of blue, and a bright, eye-catching red.

The website's structure and content were also reorganized to make it more accessible and user-friendly. The new design included intuitive navigation, responsive layouts, and engaging visuals that showcased the firm's areas of expertise and its team of professionals.

Deployment and Launch

The site's launch in September 2021 went smoothly, with no major technical issues encountered. The new site was fully responsive, ensuring seamless access across various devices and screen sizes.

Results and Reception

While historical analytics data was unavailable to make a direct comparison, the new website received good page speed scores, indicating improved site performance. This enhanced performance is expected to contribute to better search engine rankings and higher user engagement.


The client provided excellent feedback on the new site, appreciating the modern design, improved user experience, and professional representation of their brand. As a result, Kutcher, Tygier & Luminais, LLP now boasts a more impactful digital presence that aligns with their reputation as a leading law firm in New Orleans.


The website creation project for Kutcher, Tygier & Luminais, LLP was a success, thanks to JP Collective's expertise in design, development, and deployment. The new website not only showcases the firm's legal prowess but also offers an enhanced user experience, which will likely contribute to the firm's continued growth and success.

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