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April 2019 - October 2019

In 2019, Jack was commissioned to create a new website for Heritage Mortgage. The previous website was slow, poorly laid out, and lacked tracking or analytics capabilities. The goal of the project was to create a modern, user-friendly website that would better represent the company's brand, improve user experience, and increase conversions.

The Process

1. Discovery & Planning

JP Collective started by analyzing the existing DHM website and identifying areas for improvement. A new color palette was chosen, focusing on shades of green and blues, to better represent the company's brand. A cleaner, more modern logo was also designed.

2. Content Creation

The JP Collective team crafted in-depth copy for the new website, breaking down the mortgage process and explaining the various mortgage products offered by DHM. The goal was to provide clear and concise information for potential clients, guiding them through the mortgage process.

2. Website Design & Development

Using WordPress and the Divi plugin, Jack built the new website from scratch. He created a user-friendly interface and a modern, visually appealing design that incorporated the new color palette and logo.

3. Mortgage Application Integration

Jack collaborated with Floify to integrate a new mortgage application form into the website. The new form streamlined the application process and provided a better user experience.

4. Analytics & Tracking Implementation

To enable HM to track their website's performance, Jack implemented Hotjar tracking and Google Analytics. These tools allowed the company to monitor visitor behavior and measure the success of their online marketing efforts.

Project Outcomes

The new HM website was successfully launched in October 2019. The project achieved the following results:

  • A modern, visually appealing website that better represented HM's brand and improved user experience

  • In the six months following the new site's launch, we saw an increase in users (+29.5%), sessions (52%), pageviews (83%), average session duration (from 1:14 to 4:37) and a 31% decrease in bounce rate (down to 43.6% from 63%).

  • Streamlined mortgage application process through the integration of the Floify application form

  • Implementation of tracking and analytics tools to monitor website performance and visitor behavior

Project Legacy

Although the DHM website was replaced two years later due to a rebranding as Davidson Homes Mortgage,we've included several mock-ups and assets from the design process below to showcase the successful project.

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