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April 2020

While working with Davidson Homes, Jack had the opportunity to create a website for the corporation's sister company, Built Capital LLC. While the company's graphic designer created the initial logo, it still needed a more complete digital brand, so he set out to create a modern, professional design - selecting colors, fonts and imagery to define the brand.

Our mission? To help a brand-new company establish its legitimacy as a real estate investment opportunity. Built Capital hit the ground fast with fundraising, and Jack was able to build and launch a website within just a couple weeks in April 2021. We were directed to ignore SEO - the site's entire purpose was to be shared directly with potential investors.

Since we were effectively creating as a digital brochure, we worked hard to add some dynamic, interactive features to the site. We created an SVG-based map of the United States, dynamically showing the latest number of company projects in each location.

We also added dynamic counters to the home page and the project page, compilling the amount of projects and assets managed. It's been very popular with the site's users, and we're pretty proud of how it turned out.


Since launching the website, performance has been excellent on both desktop and mobile. Despite the project's limited scope, we were able to feature advanced JS libraries like Framer-Motion and Next.js' page transitions to create a well polished experience.


Originally, we created the site using Gatsby.js backed by headless WordPress, but due to some backend performance concerns and a poor editing experience, Jack later migrated the backend of the site to a custom SanityCMS build, and then migrated the frontend to Next.js for the benefits of incremental static regeneration.

Not only did the migration allow us to remove a good bit of boilerplate code from the site, but we were able to easily add a quality editing experience for the company's managing director - making it easy for him to add new locations/projects to the site.

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